Tally Shiksha

Elementor #1816

Basico (Basic Computer & Internet) - English

3 Months

The course is basically for computer literacy and day to day working knowledge. You can prefer this if you want to learn the practical way to learn computer, about its incarnation or development, people worked for it. Along with the practical and basic working module of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is also included here. After this, you will get professional part of Typing both – Hindi and English. Than at last the updated use and working with Internet using all the professional and personal life tools.

-Basic computer, -History of Computer, -Fundamentals of Computer, -Generation of Computer, -Types of Computer, -Basic hardware, ports etc of computer, -What is AI?,

Working pattern of a computer, Hardware and software, Computer Virus, Store devices, Input / Output Devices, Folder, Taskbar, Control Panel

Typing – Hindi / English


Intro to Internet, History of Internet, Development of Internet, Web browsers, Cloud Computing, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, Gmail, Ticket booking, Useful websites etc.

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